How Digital Design Drive User Behaviour & Improve Browsing Experience

To completely understand the reasons behind what drives users to a certain behaviour, we need to look at the psychology of the user himself. We can create a great user experience, only when we understand the user motivation that guides the action.


In order to craft a great user experience, there are three important sectors we need to consider, which is motivation, ability, and trigger. So what actually this means? And how are these three famous behavior facts interlinked?

For an example, a simple shopping funnel. Users check out your website, browse its articles and add one to the basket. After a few minutes, this visitor leaves the page with no purchase. Where did we go wrong? And a better question is how to motivate this visitor for a future purchase?

As we can see in the above example, the two famous behavior facts actually work together. The main difference is that the Pluto’s behavior sources are more linked to what goes on within users, and it’s primarily deeply connected with the user itself. Where the behavior model describes these behavior sources (desire, emotion, and knowledge) as motivation of user and how they are interlinked with environmental influences like the ability of the user itself to make the purchase (simplicity of purchase, financial stability), and that the user behavior, can be manipulated with correctly placed triggers on the website.


How can we use these behavior models to design better UX?

It’s time to start making rational design choices based on big data and user psychology. The whole point of the User Experience design is to create as smoothest, warmest and simple process for the user we can. The user will never forget how you made them feel. And that needs to be the basic fact of UX design.

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