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Law and attorney website is a smart solution that built for Law Firm, Law Advisers, Legal Officers, Lawyers, Personal injury attorney and for any Legal and Law-related business firms.

This website solution offers a built-in client case management software which allow law business to go straightly paperless to record past cases and client’s detail with the help of customizable input fields features.

And this feature make it easy for law firm secretary to customize the case’s management system according to their business nature and needs. 


The application supported the latest browser types, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Brave.


The application is built with web framework, and it can be used in any type of OS and browser.


The app takes a month to develop, with the condition of full materials support from the client's end.


The modern law and attorney website that built for law firm business to go paperless to better manage client’s case records and scale their brand online.


Advanced contact form features to let client drop their inquiry and capture their personal data.


Let clients subscribe to your blog post and receive update each time when you publish a post


A custom practice area features to let you create a list of case practice content to share with clients.


Case management features let you record your client's case summary and others importance detail.


Create and showcase your lawyers, attorney profile in detail to further boost the brand of your law firm.


Create a set of time-slot to let clients book a consultation appointment with you virtually. 


Built-in blog post features that can be used to create past cases to share with clients.


FAQ section let you create a set of frequently asked question to acknowledge your clients about your service.

Why should you switch to a paperless law office?

Becoming a paperless law firm has grown in attraction over the last few years, and for good reason. Historically, the legal industry has had an issue with the use (and overuse) of paper. But as more law firms adopt remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of traditional paper documentation is on a steep decline.

Switching to a paperless law firm can not only accommodate remote working arrangements, but it can also keep documents organized, secure and has a positive impact on the environment.


Without the need to store tens of thousands of sheets of paper, your firm can use your valuable office space for other things. There’s even the potential for the team to work entirely remotely.


If you’re paying to store files in an off-site unit, going paperless can help your business save money. You’ll also save funds by not having to constantly buy reams or cases of paper.


With the support of law practice management software, you can ensure that your files remain organized and are accessible wherever you are, and turn all documents in to digital assets.


Without the need to march down to the basement then search for hours for a single document, your team can access any file they need with a click of a button.


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Beautiful promotional slider that can be used to promote your lawyer or attorney.

Law & Attorney Website

A counter block features can be used to show your firm history, value and others importance information about your firm in a simple and elegant way.

Law & Attorney Website

Video is a powerful presentation method you can use to tell the story of your firm. And this is the section where you can add in your video.

Law & Attorney Website

Profile section let you create a set of your firm attorney.

Law & Attorney Website - attorney profile block demo

Case management features let you share past cases to acknowledge and bring value to your clients.

Law & Attorney Website - cases block demo

Use the built-in blog post features to create interesting stories or legal knowledge to build your own clients base.

Law & Attorney Website - blogs block demo

Capture client’s data and use it for future marketing purposes with this newsletter features.

Law & Attorney Website - newsletter block demo

Capture client’s information using this contact form when they apply for consultation.

Law & Attorney Website - contact form demo

Record your case in a customizable backend practice management.

Law Practice Management - case management demo

Save client’s information along with their case’s detail to the back office software.

Law Practice Management - client data demo

Manage client’s case and information in an organized listing.

Law Practice Management - cases data demo