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Invented by: Starknet DevOps
Questions and answers community is a Q&A platform for users to post questions, follow, and get answers from other users. The best example to think of this website is Quora. Quora is the platform where questions get answers.
The website helps online users raise queries for knowing the unknown and reply to ones they are good at answering. Founded in 2009, this community based platform has 500,000+ registered users and serves to global need of knowledge.
This type of platform has become a substantive resource for millions of entrepreneurs and one of the best sources for Business to Business market. Majorly used by writers, scholars, bloggers, investors, consultants, and students. This Q/A site has much to offer in terms of knowledge sharing, connection building and information gathering.

Built for entrepreneurs to increase visibility and gain knowledge. More than just a Q&A platform.


Profile page where users fill in their data detail such as Profile image, Name, Biography, and more.


Users can earn points and badges by providing the best answer or achieving criteria set by the admin.


Quick profile access menu features for users to create questions and posts in their profile.


Build up community reputation by following authors and getting others to follow back your profile.


Publish questions and contents with various types of format such as Poll, Questions type, or Blog post.


Interact with authors by leaving comments to a specific blog post within the community platform.


Get notified by email or notice in the dashboard when someone posts an answer to created questions.


Check account actions such as posts, replies, comments, and activities record with the activity log features.

Learn how to make profits with this web application?

A vast amount of the knowledge that would be valuable to many people is currently only available to a few with a price – either locked in people’s heads or only accessible to selected groups.

 With this web application, you can create a consultation’s community to recruit a group of professionals to join your platform and provide professional answers for those who raise serious questions about their daily problems by charging them a small amount of fee to post questions.

STEP 1 - Recruit Professionals
Hire professionals such as: Lawyers, Consultants, Beauticians, Advisors, and more to join the platform by giving them an amount to contribute answers on a monthly basis.
Step 2 - Promote The Platform
Advertise and promote the platform to encourage users to sign up and raise questions by charging them a certain fee for posting questions in the community.
Step 3 - Gamification
Make use of the gamification program to reward points and badges to users by posting questions, leave comments, and achieve certain criteria to earn the next posting.
Step 4 - Earn, Pay, and Grow
Charging users by the questions they raise and post on the community and use the revenue to pay all your Professional for their contribution to your platform.
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The account log in and register flow are just like any other’s platform which has minimum input requirement.  

Questions & Answers Community - account sign up

Responsive and stacked layouts that held every important component properly for users to better interact with all the main features at the home page such as posts, stats, tags, recent questions, and more.

Questions & Answers Community

Detailed profile page for users to input personal information to increase and gain profile exploration throughout the community.

Questions & Answers Community - profile detail

Users can post a question by input various information such as Title, Category, Add tags and even attach a file to make the question clear to improve visibility.

Questions & Answers Community - post question

Well-organized questions and answers base logic and structure for users to interact with others and address question in a very convenient way. 

Questions & Answers Community - question detail

Professionals can answer user’s question through this ‘Leave an answer form’ and add an attachment to further articulate the answer they provided.

Questions & Answers Community - leave answer

All the post’s data are filtering properly and display it in an easy to locate tabs in the profile page.

Questions & Answers Community - user stats

The points and badges stats to show users the criteria to achieve and earn badges and points for free posting. 

Questions & Answers Community - points & badges

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