The Secret To

Turning Online Revenue Into Profit

The Secret to Turning Online Revenue Into Profit.

For over one hundred years, the retail industry has been gathering detailed information about customers and their preferences and using this data to plan out every inch of their floor and shelf space to maximize merchandising and increase sales of their most profitable products. However, as consumer sales have steadily migrated to the web, this concept has failed to follow. As a result, online merchants have struggled to achieve the same level of success as their retail counterparts.

What’s Inside?

Fortunately, the technology to help entailers take advantage of customer data that ten years ago didn’t exist, now does. Today e-commerce is at the dawn of a new era in which the power of customer data and the rules of retail science can be used to optimize every single sale, and turn revenue into profit.

  • Backend data is where the profit is.
  • Revenue’s growing, so why aren’t profit?
  • Sell what you have, not just what customers want.
  • Carry less and sell more.
  • Taking personalization to the next order of magnitude.
  • It’s like putting a retail store department on wheels.

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