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A featured-packed web sales funnel solution that can let you build a high-converting web funnel to break down lead capturing process by creating compelling story and focus key action point phase by phase.

According to research, 70% of businesses admit that generating online traffic and leads is their bigger marketing challenge. And that why businesses should consider invest in building a sales funnel as a backbone of their marketing strategy to better capture potential leads.

Browser type

Support the latest browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, and Opera. 

Supported device

This program is a web application, and it can be used in various devices like laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Development timeline

The program takes a month to develop with the condition of full materials support from client’s end.


Consumer-focused sales funnel model that lead customers toward the purchase journey.


Leads conversion steps builder designed for non-technical users.

A/B Testing

Optimized conversion by performing a split testing with the A/B testing features.


Optimised payment process that instantly increases conversions.


Social share features enable users to share your funnel content over social media.


Check conversion steps design with a new Canva view control panel.


Visual representations features that can let you trace the interaction of your funnel.


Monitor sales such as revenue, order, total visit in a simple stats overview table.

Google Analytics

Support Google Analytics integration to maximize and measure your ROI.

4 Benefits of having a sales funnel for your business marketing

From radio to television, and more over like pamphlets, we create useful and entertaining content just to attract prospects to close a sale. For most people, this is where digital marketing ends. They have no idea how terribly mistaken they are. Just because a person saw one of your advertisement, doesn’t mean he wants to become your customer. People find it irritating when someone tries to push them towards a sale.

And that’s a reason why every business should consider creating a sales funnel especially in this modern digital world. This has many benefits, leading to one goal of increased Return on Investment. A sales funnel works according to a plan to affect the decision of prospects. You don’t make their decision for them, but let them get to the conclusion of making a purchase.

4 steps key points of a sales funnel

A sales funnel tells you exactly what you need to do step by step according to the interest of your audience.

You would get to know the stage of the buyer’s journey to choose a topic and use the right language that connects to the reader.

Sales funnel allows you to better forecast results, reducing the risk of every new step the prospects take in your funnel.

You start with helping your audience identify the problem and find a solution, and then lead them towards an action.


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Modern and clean funnel page design to lead prospects phase by phase towards sale process.

Sales funnel solution template demo

The funnel is built to support various business models, and it can be used to sell online courses, event tickets, info product, physical products and more.

Web Sales funnel solution template demo 2

This is the flow setting panel where you can create and manage your funnel flow easily.

Sales funnel solution flow setting demo

Advanced setting to let you view your funnel steps in a Canva mode.

Sales funnel solution canva setting demo

Break down and manage your sale conversion into multiples steps to lead and educate prospects about your services or products.

Sales funnel solution steps setting demo

View overall sales data as such revenue, total visits and more with a simple stats panel.

Sales funnel solution stats overview demo

Modern checkout page simplified the buyer’s payment process.

Sales funnel solution checkout demo

Heat maps tell you what part of your webpage your users are focusing on the most. They generally use a colour scheme, ranging from warm colours, like red, orange and yellow, to colours like green and blue at the cooler end of the spectrum. The warmer areas denote the places users are focusing on more.

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