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Modern commercial website powered by artificial intelligence that can be used to showcase your business and lead to success in the online world.

Commercial Website (AI)

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Introducing a modern commercial website solution powered by artificial intelligence technology. This website has an AI virtual assistant to perform robotic customer service intelligently for your business. Besides, this solution comes with a special database feature where you can create any type of application form to collect customer’s data on the frontend.

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If your business or the company you work for doesn’t have a website yet, that’s a big problem. Even if it back in 2001 it would be inexcusable for not having a website for a business. We often heard a business owner complaining about their website did not help them to convert leads, which is why most of them think that investing in web development is like flushing money into a toilet.

In our perspective, every lead that you don’t convert on your business website is a lost sale and lost revenue. Most of the business owner think that creating a website and then customers will automatically be pouring in to make a purchase. Well, that not how it works in reality.

Converting a lead into an actual sale is not an easy task to do online, Especially customers can only interact with the content or images at your website. As you know, most of the customers would prefer more to a human consultation experience like most of the business did in their retail shop.

And this is why we took the inspiration to build this solution to further enhance a standard commercial website to drive prospects that hit your website,  filling your pipeline and creating new sales with the power of Artificial intelligence.

Supported Platforms

This website solution support all kind of digital device regardless of any size, including all browsers but exclude Internet Explorer, and it can be developed as a website or progressive web app.

How Do We Serve You?

We will get in touch with you as soon as you placed your order. To ease your concern of how we serve our clients, feel free to visit our resources page to find out more.

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Can I have my own design for the website development?

Yes! You can send us your design and requirements during the development consultation.

Can I request any customization for the website?

Yes! We believe that you’ve already used our quotation feature to submit your requirements. Any add-on requests will be charge according based on your requests.

Does it include domain and hosting purchase in this package?

No. You have to provide your own domain and hosting, unless you want us to host the website for you. The cost of the domain and hosting plan will be charge separately.


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Core Features

A modern responsive commercial website solution that can present your business brand uniquely online and make use of the artificial intelligence to grow your business and customers database.
Responsive Layouts

The website layouts design work great regardless of any device and screen size.

Google Analytics

Monitor your visitor's behavior with a powerful analytics tool powered by Google.

Customizable Model

Fully compatible to integrate and support various software like Membership, CRM, and ERP.

AI Chatbot

Make use of AI to pre-set your services or products Q&A to better serve your customers.

Seo Optimization

Powerful SEO tool that can be used to improve Google search ranking in multiple sectors.

Customers database

Customizable database features that can be used to build any type of form to collect data.

Progressive Web App

Turn the website into a web app to let visitors browse your website content without Wi-Fi.

Heatmap Tracking

Heatmap is a tool you can use to trace which elements the visitors interact the most on the website.


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Website Demo

Check out the demo screenshots of this gig to explore further. If you have any questions, feel free to use the chat button to ask us.

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